The Car

The Zero99 is born from the experience of forty years by a team of entrepreneurs and technicians who are specialized in design and construction of traditional and electric vehicles.
The knowledge of industry has made possible to achieve a quadricycle comfortable, convenient and secure, caring about every detail, with the result of painstaking studies and experiments that give the vehicle a high degree of reliability.


The oval shape (designed) aluminium Dome allows you to easily enter and exit from the vehicle, to have enough space to sit ensuring high comfort and wide visibility.

Comfort is not an option!
The convenience of Zero99 is due also to the innovative suspension system (patented) which makes it extremely comfortable on any type of road surface.
099_22Inside the cabin there is a large storage compartment under the seat, easy to stow the bag, shopping bag, etc.

The Zero99 is a fully electric quadricycle, this asset minimize the maintenance needed on the vehicle. It’s provided the installation of lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries; the batteries are recharged in 6/8 hours using the normal electric socket (with a consumption of €1). For lithium batteries are available chargers that significantly reduce charging times (2/4 hours are enough).
The full charge is enough to ride a range of about 60 km *.

 SMALL: 105CM   MEDIUM: 115CM   LARGE: 125CM 
  • Maximum length: 180 cm
  • Maximum weight: 250 kg (without batteries)
  • Top speed: 45 Km/h
  • Autonomy: Km 50/70
  • Passenger seats: 2
  • Charging status indicator
  • Odometer and speedometer
  • Disc brakes with regenerative braking (battery charging)
  • 4 batteries for a total of 4.8 Kwh
  • 2 electric motors consisting of two wheel gears from 2 KW
  • The hull is molded in colored plastic, attached to the cockpit with fast systems. Easy to replace and paint free
  • Quick change system of batteries
  • The Hi-tech Interior consists of an egg-shaped cell, in extruded aluminium. Durable and lightweight.
  • The suspensions are realized with TSS axles (Torsion Suspension System). Both have bearing damping function that play a stabilizing effect obtained with hydraulic shock absorbers, with crossbows or springs. The innovative suspension make the quadricycle comfortable on any type of road surface.
  • No maintenance on batteries, motor and electronics. Only check the integrity of the wires.
  • Glass doors descendants
  • Middle door
  • Luggage rack
  • Heater fan with 3 speed
  • Steering lock
  • Trunk lock
  • Car radio
  • 5.04 energy KWh lithium Pack LiFe P04
  • 5.76 KWh lithium power pack LiFe P04
  • 25AH-battery rapid charger (only for lithium batteries)
  • Electric transmission with torque multiplier (only with lithium batteries)
To conduct a light quadricycle in Italy you must be at least 14 years old and is necessary a certificate for driving, the so-called «Licence», issued by Civil Motorization after passing a final examination. The preparation courses can be attended for free at school or in driving school. The candidate who wants to obtainin the Licence must produce a medical certificate attesting to physical and psychological requirements. The medical certificate may be issued by the practitioner. Those who have completed 18 years of age before 1 October 2005 achieve the License simply by attending a training course in driving school and submitting the medical certificate mentioned above (without the final exam).
Since 1992, the Community market is an area without internal frontiers in which free movement is guaranteed. The Council of the European Communities has therefore established construction standards applicable to each type of vehicle sold. Quadricycles were defined as follows:

– Light quadricycles
Light quadricycles are vehicles whose unladen mass is limited by regulation to 350 kg, equipped with a motor 4 kW (5.6 HP) and whose speed is lower than 45 km/h. Shall be assimilated to mopeds and may be taken with or without a license in accordance with the legislation in force in each European country.