About us

We are a new and dynamic company that has developed an innovative product for sustainable mobility: the Zero99, the electric city car “made in Italy”.
With an experience of forty years in the business, we know how to build a real electric vehicle, and we know what features are needed to ensure the maximum performance.
Zero99 srl Team consists of experienced professionals in entrepreneurship and engineering. A cohesive group of people who, by their professionalism, knowledge and experience, and with the help of most modern technologies, has created the ultimate electric vehicle: the Zero99.
The basis of our work and our idea, apart from the seriousness and commitment, are strong ethical values related to respect for the environment.


099_11We design and build environmentally-friendly vehicles, helping to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the air and ensuring comfort and convenience for our customers.
We believe in sustainable mobility. We work with ethical values to preserve the health of our planet.

Why Zero99

perche-zero99The Zero99 is a light electric quadricycle. It’s an UEV (Urban Electric Vehicle) that offers convenience of a scooter combined with the comfort of a car.
The Zero99 is born for those who need to move comfortably in large and for business and recreational purposes.
It’s the ultimate city car: easy, practical and safe. Zero 99 is equipped with an electric motor, a car made to have zero impact on environment, built with recyclable materials. Thanks also to its small size, it can circulate in controlled traffic zones, historical centers and can be parked easily and for free in “blue lines”.
As part of “light quadricycles” category, Zero99 can be driven from 14 years on and is exempt from the payment of stamp duty for 5 years.